Door County Classic is an Authentic American Heritage Brand

About Us

Growing up in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, my family was fortunate to spend our summer months in Door County, WI.  We started in Ephraim, in a little place with an outdoor shower.  We soon ventured over to Sister Bay where I learned a great deal about persistence, patience, obedience, and teamwork.  All of the Outdoor activities that THE DOOR has to offer provided me with these invaluable lessons. 

Door County  embodies what it means to get outside and to be in Nature. The beauty of these little towns and the Bluffs were imprinted in my mind.  I decided to honor this region with Door County Classic Tee shirts.  To be able to get outside and do all of the things that THE DOOR has to offer.  My shirts are hand silk screened with love.  Thank you for supporting a small business in the USA.

So many men and women have come before US and have given their time and their knowledge to keep Door County a haven for those who are fortunate to visit.  Come celebrate your activities in Door County, because when you return, you are a Door County Classic!  You are a part of this beautiful region. 

Thanks for honoring this brand and celebrating the beautiful outdoors, the arts, and the longstanding traditions of this unique region in Wisconsin-

Let's all do our part to keep it untouched and healthy!


 Courtney -